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MARCH 1, 2020 Deadline 

To keep your boat slip or remain on waiting list, maintenance fee's must be paid by March 1st.


Many MC #'s have expired, please send me a copy or picture of renewed registration by mail /email or text.

Sharon, sc.7harbors@gmail.com


2020 Membership Statements have been mailed, if you do not receive one please contact me.  Also, if you would prefer to receive an email statement instead of hard copy in the future, send me an email request.


Sharon Crary, Treasurer


Posted Jan. 14, 2020 

January 2020 Treasurer's Report has been posted.

                           WINTER IS


         If we could ask everyone to pitch in and help out when the roads are icy. If possible, please shovel some sand from the barrels on the road.  The roads can be very dangerous in those areas. 



This would be greatly appreciated by all!