Beaumont's Seven Harbors

Maintenance Fees

Updated 2016



Beaumont’s Seven Harbors White & Duck Lake Association’s purpose is the maintenance of our private roads, bridges, boat launches, outlots and beaches.


Note: The Township does not tax you for these services (except owners on county roads.)

Note: The Association bills a reduced rate for those on county roads.


These roads and areas are our responsibility!!!! As a member of the Association, you have access to the Association’s private roads, bridges, boat launches, outlots and beaches on White and Duck Lakes.




Dues are billed by Sidwell Number per the By-Laws every January and due June 1st of current year. 


However, those members who want to reserve their boat docks must pay dues by March 1st - No Exceptions!!!!!


General Maintenance Dues

These dues cover general maintenance of outlots, snow plowing of private roads, bridge repairs, boat launch, road maintenance, beach maintenance, insurance and other general expenditures of the Association.


Categories of Dues:

-   General Maintenance $ 225.00

-   Senior Rate (Note) $ 185.00

-   County Road $ 205.00

-   Vacant Lot $ 190.00

(Note: Senior Rate -If you are 63 as of January 1st you qualify for the senior rate. Please send proof of birth date if you are currently not being billed at the senior rate.)