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ATTENTION:  Destruction of property in 7 Harbors is costing everyone!

Saturday the barrier at the Beaumont entrance to Central Park was destroyed the same day it was installed.  The barrier and gate were needed for the safety of the children playing at Central Park and requested by members attending the General Meetings. The barrier was designed to look like the posts at South Beach keeping with the nautical theme and destroyed before completion.  Two of the posts were ripped out and thrown in the park. 




                                                      The other post was sawed halfway through at the bottom.








In other parts of the sub STOP signs were torn out of the ground and removed, mailboxes blown up, which by the way is a federal offense. 

The walking bridge stairs are being destroyed by dirt bikes, the cost to replace those will be high as the fencing alone after the storm was $5.000.  It has also been reported several boys were attempting to dislodge the walking bridge rocking it back and forth.


PLEASE CALL SHERIFF @ 248-858-4950 ext 8 if you see any malicious activity happening.

Also, the homeowners with camera view of the street please review your footage Saturday night from 2:30 - 3:30 for 2 dirt bikes.  The police would be interested in the people riding those dirt bikes.

2021 Dates to Remember

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September 16th

   General Meeting 7:00 PM, VFW Hall

   Board Member Election

September 25th

   7 Harbors & Wine Basket Golf Outing

October 21st

   General Meeting 7:00 PM, VFW Hall

   Final Meeting of year

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Please do not pull boats up onto the beaches, it is very dangerous for the swimmers and illegal. 

Contact the Oakland County Sheriff at 248-858-4950 Ext. 8 to report any boats violating this rule or other lake issues that might require the Sheriff’s assistance. 

Important Phone Numbers:

Oakland County Sheriff (non-emergency) 

                             248-858-4950 Ext. 8

Highland Sub Station 


Oakland County Road Commission