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Next General Meeting April 8, 2021

See you next Year!!

Cold Weather Reminders

Please help out our snow plow drivers by not parking in the road.

Sand Mixture Barrels are placed in areas that can be very dangerous for drivers and walkers, please spread the mixture on the road as needed. 

Our roads are extremely dangerous in the winter, please drive with caution.

Damage to fencing on walking bridge.

The fencing was installed for safety reasons, to keep children from falling into the water.  It appears now children are climbing on the top and causing damage to the fencing.  One year ago we spent $5,450 fixing the bridge due to a storm.

If you see someone on top of the bridge please take a picture if possible and inform a board member.

December 2020 Treasurer's Report

has been posted.

Important Phone Numbers:

Oakland County Sheriff (non-emergency) 


Highland Sub Station 


Oakland County Road Commission