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April 15th General Meeting Cancelled

The April 15, 2021 General Membership Meeting of Beaumont's Seven Harbors White and Duck Lake Association is now cancelled due to Covid.  But don't forget to attend/participate in the May 20 meeting because it is the important meeting at which the budget must be decided upon and approved by a vote of the members.  We hope it will be in person but we will see how it goes and let you know by the Monday before.  

Please do not place

FOR SALE SIGNS at the Beaumont entrance.

Signs can be placed at the south side of entrance near the One Way Sign.

Thank you!

2021 Dates to Remember

May 20th   

   General Meeting 7:00 PM, VFW Hall

   2021-2022 Budget Approval

June 17th

   General Meeting 7:00 PM, VFW Hall

July 3rd

   Fireworks Display, White Lake

July 15

   General Meeting 7:00 PM, VFW Hall

August 19th

   General Meeting 7:00 PM, VFW Hall

   Board Nominations

September 16th

   General Meeting 7:00 PM, VFW Hall

   Board Member Election

October 21st

   General Meeting 7:00 PM, VFW Hall

   Final Meeting of year

Important Phone Numbers:

Oakland County Sheriff (non-emergency) 


Highland Sub Station 


Oakland County Road Commission