Announcements Page

Your 2020 - 2021 Newly Elected Board

President - Denice LeVasseur

1st Vice President - Joan Cooper

2nd Vice President - David Reid

Secretary - Nancy Drury

Treasurer - Sharon Crary

Trustees:Natalie Gardner

Mike Kuzmich

Larry McCullen

Nancy Oltesvig

Tom Oltesvig

Linda Slack

Scott Thurlow

Cynthia Shepherd

Vicki Zellinger (Alt)

IMPORTANT!!!  Golf Carts!!!

Numerous reports of speeding and reckless driving by young people.

Please parents talk to your children about safety when driving golf carts. 

We are so very worried someone is going to get hurt.

August 2020 Treasurer's Report

has been posted.

Summer Reminders:

When enjoying the beaches please pick up after your self and your guests. Lets keep our beaches clean and safe for all.

Do not pull boats up onto the beaches, it is very dangerous for the swimmers and illegal. 

Contact the Sheriff at 248-858-4950 to report any boats violating this rule.


If you are a paid up member you can obtain a key to the boat launches and South Beach gate at one of the General Meetings. You will need to show your member card for proof of paid up maintenance fee’s.

There is no charge for your 1st key, replacement of lost keys will be $25.

Remember you are not to share or loan your key to others and lock gates after entering and leaving.

Important Phone Numbers:

Oakland County Sheriff (non-emergency) 


Highland Sub Station 


Oakland County Road Commission