White and Duck Lake Boat Slips

Boat Slips – Limited boat space is available on some of the association out lots for paid up, non-lakefront members. See the Boat Slip Rules for eligibility and boat slip application for submission is below.

Tom Oltesvig, 248-887-1902 maintains the boat slips. Larry McCullen, 248-887-2923 maintains the boat launch keys.

Boat Slip Rules (Revised 8/20/2019​)

To request to be added to boat slip waiting list, you must fill out the “Boat Slip Application".

 All docking sites are to be considered a privilege and not an entitlement.
 Boat docks are for paid up members who do not have access to lake (back lot owners).
 All docking assignments are granted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
 Any special requests due to disability must be noted at the time of application, but does not guarantee the request will be met. Any such request does not place one at the top of the list, nor will it result in relocation of another member unless that member agrees to be relocated and submits a request in writing.

1. To be eligible for docking privileges, Association maintenance fees, assessments and any penalties must be current and paid by 3/1 each year. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

2. Member must provide correct, current MC Numbers and Registration every year or forfeit the allocated space.

3. Maintenance fees, valid MC Number, and Registration must be received by Association (via Association P.O. Box 70, Highland, MI 48357) and postmarked no later than March 1st each year (NO EXCEPTIONS).

4. Docks are the responsibility of the assigned property owner/Renter. The Association does not supply docking. Docks must be properly maintained and safe for use. Docks are to be removed for the winter – excluding designated canal docks.

5. Docks may be inspected at any time by the Board.

6. Any Seven Harbors resident has the right to raise a safety concern which will be reviewed and addressed accordingly.

7. Should any safety concern arise, member will receive a “citation” and will have 21 days to comply.

8. Slips vacant for more than 30 days (starting Memorial Day and continuing through Labor Day) will be reassigned unless cleared with the Boat Administrator in writing.

9. Slip numbers must be posted on the docks at all times.

10. A list of Members allocated boat slips will be published annually.

11. A waiting list shall be maintained and available for review at the monthly meetings.

12. The waiting list will include address and phone number and e-mail address of the member assigned/requesting. To maintain status on the waiting list, maintenance fees, assessments & any penalties must be current and received by Association (via Association P.O. Box 70, Highland, MI 48357) with postmark no later than March 1 of each year. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

13. Slips are reserved for legal boats only. Legal boat is defined as a watercraft requiring MC number.

14. Renters are entitled to boat slips as long as property dues are paid and they maintain a Renter’s Homeowner Insurance Policy and provide a copy of such when submitting their request.

15. Members must launch boats at authorized launch sites or docking privilege will be revoked.

16. In canals, boats are to be parked parallel to shore line. Lake and Bay boats are to be parked perpendicular to the shore line.

17. MC numbers on boat must match documents provided and be registered to the property, or approved renter with proper renters insurance.

18. Dock slips are NOT transferable with sale of property or change in renters.

19. Any violation of these rules will result in the forfeiture of docking privileges and ineligibility for placement on the waiting list for a period of one (1) year.

20. Any and all exceptions or appeals must be in writing to the Boat Slip Administrator for review and approval.

Send to Seven Harbors, P.O. Box 70, Highland, MI 48357