Seven Harbors 85 year old bridge and only access for residents that live on the island.


The bridge was inspected according to the National Bridge Inspection Standards and AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation.
Engineering Group, LLC (GLEG) performed a bridge safety inspection about possible short term and long term 
maintenance recommendations to preserve the 85 year old bridge.

Overall the bridge is in fair condition. The bridge railings are reinforced concrete thru girders that support the structure, and act as a bridge railing. New deterioration was noted since the last inspection, specifically in the deck bottom and superstructure. The deck surface has open cracking throughout that is allowing water to penetrate the concrete deck section. The deck bottom has delamination, leaching stains, and wet areas throughout, more prevalent below the open cracks in the surface. The concrete superstructure has two main girders and two floor beams. There are several incipient spalls and leaching stains along the south girder and west floor beam. Concrete repairs observed at the abutment foundation walls. The west wall has leaching stains. There are approach guardrail devices at 2 of the 4 quadrants that enhance the safety of the traffic by keeping them on the bridge if an impact would occur. The slopes have been stabilized in all 4 quadrants.

Short term maintenance recommendations include:

-  Seal the open cracks in the bituminous pavement.

-  Add deck drain extensions.

-  Patch the spalls in the superstructure.

-  Install additional signage to warn vehicles to drive slowly in the vicinity and in advance of the bridge.


-  Also add another sign warning motorists that the bridge acts as a single lane crossing.


-  Replace the structure.

Based on the current age and recent deterioration, the association should start to budget for the replacement of the structure within the next 10-20 years.

Bridge Inspection Report 2019